This article is about the Swedish DVD'. You may be looking for the American titled episode, the German DVD, the Italian DVD or the book'.

Hooray for Thomas! is a Swedish DVD featuring thirteen episodes from the seventh season. It was released under the title Hip Hooray for Thomas and Other Stories for Danish audiences.



  1. Gordon and Spencer
  2. Hooray for Thomas
  3. Percy is Correct
  4. Edward's Brass Band
  5. What's the Matter with Henry?
  6. James and the Queen of Sodor
  7. Toby's Windmill
  8. Bulgy Gets Revenge
  9. Harold and the Flying Horse
  10. Discomfort at Castle Loch
  11. The Old Bridge
  12. The Tea Serving
  13. The Roller Coaster


  1. Gordon and Spencer
  2. Hip Hooray for Thomas
  3. Percy Gets it Right
  4. Edward's Brass Band
  5. The Sick Engine
  6. Sea Queen
  7. Toby's Mill
  8. Bulgy Rides Again
  9. The Flying Horse
  10. The Sea Monster
  11. The Old Bridge
  12. The Rolling Cafe
  13. Roller Coaster


  • In the Swedish DVD, Percy Gets it Right is renamed "Percy is Correct", Bulgy Rides Again is renamed "Bulgy Gets Revenge", Bad Day at Castle Loch is renamed "Discomfort at Castle Loch", The Refreshment Lady's Tea Shop is renamed "The Tea Serving", Rheneas and the Roller Coaster is renamed "The Roller Coaster", and Three Cheers for Thomas has the American title.

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