Holger Mahlich (born December 6th, 1945 in Wiemar) is a German actor, voice artist and director who provides voices for the German dub of Thomas & Friends.

He is known for appearing in various films and television shows in Germany such as "Stammheim", "The Country Doctor", and "The Captain of Köpenick" as well as voiceovers for radio plays such as "The Three Investigators", and "TKKG". He is also known for voicing John Steed from "The Avengers", George Mason from "24", Jackie Aprile from "The Sopranos", Simon Trent from "Batman: The Animated Series", Agent Bennett from "Batman Beyond", MAL from "Captain Planet and the Planeteers", Zaeed Massani from the "Mass Effect" game series, Benjamin Travis from "Hitman: Absolution", and Darth Malak from "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic".

He is also the father of German voice actor Leonhard Mahlich.