“Hiro wants to go home. He hasn't been home for a very long time, and he misses his friends and his island.”
Thomas to Sir Topham Hatt, Hero of the Rails

Hiro's Friends are engines who live and work on a Japanese Railway owned by Sir Takaboushi Hideki on Hiro's homeland. They referred Hiro as "Master of the Railway".

Hiro first mentioned them as his "best friends at home" when he first met Percy during his restoration. Hiro later remembers his old friends when he is homesick in a magazine story.


Television series


Magazine stories


Hiro: Hello, Percy. You have a very special friend. I think that is because you are special too.
Percy: “Do you have best friends?”
Hiro: Yes I do, at home.
Thomas: Do you miss them?
Hiro: I do.
Percy: That's sad.
―Hiro talking to Thomas and Percy about his friends, "Hero of the Rails."
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