“Where would we be without water!"
"High and dry!”
―The driver and Skarloey

High and Dry is a magazine story.


Skarloey is taking some engineers to a reservoir. One of the engineers explain that the reservoir stores and treats water before it goes to homes all over Sodor. Skarloey drops off the engineers and soon sets off again. After a short while, Skarloey spots thick, black smoke and he soon sees a barn on fire. Soon the firefighters arrive and the fire is soon extinguished. Luckily, most of the barn is saved. Skarloey remarks how really useful water is.

Skarloey had not gone far when he starts to overheat; he had run out of water. Then the firemen roll by in their fire engine and kindly give Skarloey a nice, long drink from their hose. Skarloey admits that they would be "high and dry" without water.



  • Skarloey is pink.
  • Skarloey's coach is a scaled-down standard gauge coach.
  • The word "FIRE" is spelt backwards on the front of the fire engine, but in the previous illustration, the writing is normal.


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