“HELP! Put me down at once!”

High Tide is a magazine story.


Bulstrode is feeling grumpy. He has been sat on the beach all winter and is in a right state. He asks the Fat Controller if he can have a fresh coat of paint, but the Fat Controller says it is impossible because there is no way of getting Bulstrode to the boatyard as he is too far from the railway line. Leaving Bulstrode on the beach, the Fat Controller hurries back to his car because he knows there is a big storm coming.

Sure enough, lightning soon begins to light up the sky as the thunder rumbles around the island. On the beach, Bulstrode has no choice but to stay out in the storm unlike the engines who can go back to their sheds. Bulstrode shuts his eyes tightly and does not see a big wave rolling towards him. The wave picks Bulstrode up and because of the storm and the fact it is high tide, the sea starts to flood the land.

Eventually, Bulstrode is washed up on some hard ground near to a railway line. When the storm cleared, the Fat Controller goes to check on Bulstrode and is surprised to find him gone. Then, suddenly, Bulstrode calls out. Bulstrode explains how he got to his new position and the Fat Controller is pleased that Bulstrode is so close to the tracks because he can now finally be taken to the boatyard for repairs. Thomas arrives with a flatbed and Harvey lifts Bulstrode onto it.

A few days later, the Fat Controller goes to the boatyard to check on Bulstrode. The old barge is delighted and looks as good as new. He asks the Fat Controller when he can go back in the sea and the Fat Controller tells him on the next high tide.



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