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Hide and Peep

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Hide and Peep

Steve Asquith


Simon Spencer


Simon Spencer


Michael Angelis (UK)
Michael Brandon (US)

Air date

September 10th, 2007

Previous episode

Edward and the Mail

Next episode

Toby's Triumph

Hide and Peep is the fifteenth episode of the eleventh season.


A ship is taking a while to reach Brendam and to pass the time Thomas and Percy play "Hide and Peep", with Percy hiding. Percy is a good hider and when Thomas tires of searching for him he pretends to have found him, but Percy knows he was cheating and hides on the coal tipper, until Thomas lies that the Fat Controller arrives and Percy comes out. But when the ship finally docks, Thomas cannot find Percy and when he calls out that the ship has docked, Percy refuses to come out. Thomas asks Cranky for help and Cranky spies Rocky lowering Percy behind a wall. Thomas finds the little green saddletank, and the two collect their loads on time.




  • Stock footage from Gordon and the Engineer is used.
  • The title is a pun on the game "Hide and Seek".
  • In Germany, this episode is called "Thomas Cheats".


  • 'Arry/Bert has Dennis' horn sound.
  • When Thomas goes into the warehouse, Diesel's new engine from Emily and the Special Coaches is visible.
  • In Middle Engine, it was mentioned that engines weren't allowed on the tipper's loading ramp, but Percy is seen on there hiding from Thomas.
  • Rocky's positioning while holding Percy looks dangerous.
  • When Cranky says "The ship will be late", his face appears to be loose.


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