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Heroes of Sodor
Illustrated by

Richard Courtney
Jim Durk




Golden Books

Heroes of Sodor is a book.


Thomas was having a drink, when Spencer whoosed by. Spencer was staying on the Island for the whole summer because the Duke and Duchess were making another summer house. Spencer challenged Thomas to a race; Thomas agrees. As they were racing Thomas' brakes broke. He was diverted into an old siding, and there finds a lost engine, named Hiro! Hiro tells Thomas where he came from, that he was the first engine on Sodor, and that he broke down and his new parts never came. Thomas was excited about his new friend, and he went straight to the Sodor Steamworks to have his brakes mended. There he saw Kevin drop some engine part, and that gives Thomas a good idea. He could help mend Hiro! He took some parts, but then he saw Spencer, and hoped that Spencer would never discover Hiro's hiding place.

The Next day Thomas told Percy about Hiro. Percy delivered the tractor to Farmer McColl and left the mail cars, to help Thomas, but can't remember where he put them. This made Sir Topham Hatt upset. Spencer was getting suspicious, so he follows Thomas and neglects his jobs. Thomas knew Spencer was watching him and asked everyone to help. Next morning he and Percy went to the quarry to make Spencer get lost. Later Sir Topham Hatt and the Duke and Duchess were angry with Spencer for neglecting his jobs. Hiro was nearing completion, only one more part was needed. Then Spencer finds Hiro, and Hiro starts runs away. Hiro was shaking without the last part, and all the new parts were shaking loose.

Spencer and Thomas raced to Knapford, but they had to cross an old bridge which collapses under Spencer's weight, and he falls in. Thomas tells Sir Topham and the Duke and Duchess about Hiro, and Sir Topham sends Hiro to the Sodor Steamworks, where Victor helps to mend him. Hiro was soon as good as new, and helped to rescue Spencer, and work on the new house. Hiro tells Thomas that he wants to go home, and Sir Topham arranges for Hiro's home voyage. Everybody comes to the docks to say goodbye to Hiro, as he leaves.



  • The engines all don't have couplings.
  • It is said that Hiro was the only engine big enough but Hank and Murdoch are much bigger and stronger.

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