Heroes of Sodor is a book.


Thomas is having a drink, when Spencer whooses by. Spencer is staying on the Island for the whole summer because the Duke and Duchess are making a new summer house. Spencer challenges Thomas to a race; Thomas agrees. As they are racing Thomas' brakes break. He is diverted into an old siding, and there finds a lost engine, named Hiro! Hiro tells Thomas that he comes from a faraway land, that he was the first engine on Sodor, and that he broke down and his new parts never came. Thomas is excited about his new friend, and he goes straight to the Sodor Steamworks to have his brakes mended. There he sees Kevin drop some engine parts, and that gives Thomas an idea. He can help mend Hiro!

The next day Thomas tells Percy about Hiro. Spencer is getting suspicious, so he follows Thomas and neglects his jobs. Thomas realises Spencer is watching him and asks everyone to help.

Hiro is nearing completion, only one more part is needed. Then Spencer finds Hiro, and Hiro starts to run away. Hiro cannot steam properly without the last part, and eventually runs out of steam and stops.

Spencer and Thomas race to Knapford, but they have to cross an old bridge which collapses under Spencer's weight, and he falls into a muddy marsh. Thomas tells Sir Topham and the Duke and Duchess about Hiro, and Sir Topham sends Hiro to the Sodor Steamworks, where Victor helps to mend him. Hiro is soon as good as new, and helps to rescue Spencer, and work on the new house. Hiro tells Thomas that he wants to go home, and Sir Topham arranges for Hiro's home voyage. Everybody comes to the docks to say goodbye to Hiro as he leaves.




  • None of the engines have couplings.