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This article is about the magazine story. You may be looking for the US title for the first season episode.
"You see, an engine like me can be really useful, even if I can't swim or fly!"
— Henry

Henry to the Rescue is a magazine story.


One day, Henry was going to the harbour when he spotted Harold flying above the waves. Then he saw a lifeboat speeding along. When he reached the harbour, the harbourmaster came running; a tanker has hit the rocks and all the fishing boats had gone to help so there was no fish for Henry to collect. Henry wants to help, but Cranky tells him that an engine cannot possibly help. Just then, the lifeboat arrives with the sailors that were rescued from the tanker. The wind is too strong for Harold to land and the sailors need to get to the hospital. Henry volunteers and the next day, he tells Cranky that an engine does not have to swim or fly to be really useful.


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