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“Henry? Why are you glowing?"
"Arrgh! All lit up like a lighthouse!”
―Porter and Salty

Henry in the Dark is the sixteenth episode of the twentieth season.


Some signs on the Island of Sodor are painted in a special green paint that glows in the dark. This helps the engines see the signs during the night. One day, Henry goes to the Steamworks to be repainted. Kevin, however, grabs some of the wrong green paint and accidentally gives him the glow-in-the-dark paint; Henry is completely oblivious of the mix-up. When it gets dark, the paint becomes active. Thomas sees Henry's glowing paint and thinks it is a ghost train. He puffs into a siding, horrified, and tries to warn Gordon. Gordon does not believe in ghost trains. James is the next to see Henry, and warns Gordon too. Gordon thinks he knows how to deal with ghost trains, until he pulls up right next to Henry. He also believes it is a ghost train. At Tidmouth Sheds, James describes the ghost train to the other engines. A few minutes later, Gordon arrives and explains to Percy that he was not actually scared when he saw a ghost train. But it isn't only the Steam Team who is frightened.

At Brendam Docks, Cranky, Porter and Salty also think Henry is a ghost, until Henry Asks Cranky what is wrong. Upon seeing it's Henry, Cranky Tells Porter and Salty who ask Henry why he's glowing, and Cranky brings down a mirror to show him. Henry is amazed and thinks it's a good joke. When he comes back to the sheds from pulling the Flying Kipper, it is daytime, and he isn't glowing anymore. No one could sleep; they were too busy thinking about the ghost train that they saw. Henry tries to explain, but Gordon and James tease him, with Gordon reminding him about the time he was scared of the rain. Henry silences the other engines and tells them that he saw the Ghost train and was not frightened at all. He backs into his berth and decides against explaining things.

That night, the engines are too scared to do their night trains. While Henry is away, the engines refuse to take the mail train. The Fat Controller is very cross. He tells the engines that there are no ghost trains. When Henry comes back, he gives everyone including the Fat Controller a fright. He tells the engines at last that it's just him, leaving Gordon and James annoyed. Thomas notices that the Fat Controller has disappeared. Suddenly, a figure with a bucket on its head emerges from the coal hopper. Everyone is horrified, even Henry. However, it's just the Fat Controller. He realizes that Henry was given the wrong paint and tells him to get the right one first thing in the morning. As a bonus, the Fat Controller gives Henry a "glowing" report for being the only engine working during the night.








  • Rob Rackstraw is credited in the UK credits despite none of his characters speaking in that dub.
  • The boiler tubes that Kevin drops at the start of the episode, appear far too big in diametre.
  • When travelling at night, Gordon's express coaches do not have any lights on inside them.
  • Emily's front wheel is sticking out from the chocolate coloured piece below her cylinder.
  • Henry tells the other engines that all of them laughed at and insulted him, however only Gordon and James did.
  • Henry's glow in the dark model is not properly rendered for the whole episode.


In Other Languages

Language Title
Czech Henry ve tmě
Dutch Henry in het Donker
French Henry le fantôme
German Henry dampft im Dunkeln
Hebrew הנרי בחשכה
Japanese やみにひかるヘンリー
Polish Henio w Ciemności
Portuguese Henry no escuridão
Romanian Henry în întuneric
Russian Зелёный призрак
Spanish Henry en la oscuridad
Turkish Henry Karanlıkta

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