“Splendid red engines like me never complain!”

Henry and the Holidaymakers! is a magazine story.


It is summer on Sodor and the engines are all busy taking holidaymakers on trips around the island. When Henry arrives at Knapford, he is hot and tired. His carriages are full of noisy passengers and Henry is not happy at all. His wheels ache and he complains that he is too hot.

The more Henry complains, the hotter he becomes and the Fat Controller is not pleased at all. He tells Henry that if he does not stop complaining he will be sent back to the shed and James will do his work for the day. Henry does not like the sound of James doing his work. But despite this, Henry still does not stop complaining. At last, the Fat Controller loses patience with Henry and sends him back to his shed and James happily takes over Henry's trains.

Meanwhile, Henry stands in his dark shed and feels sad. His wheels have stopped aching and he can see the sun shining through the window. He even begins to miss the sight of all the happy holidaymakers.

The next day, Henry whistles happily as he pulls his coaches full of holidaymakers out of the station. James and the other engines look surprised; they cannot understand what has gotten into Henry.



  • After reading the story, readers can colour in a picture of Henry.