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"I'm not scared of stupid old ghosts!"
— Henry

Henry and the Ghost Train is a mini book.


One of the attractions at a new fairground is a ghost train. Henry's driver explains a ghost train is a train that rides through a tunnel and frightens the riders with spooky things. Henry scoffs at the ideas of spooks, but does not want to meet one.

Later Henry is taking some workmen to investigate a tunnel with a fallen roof when his tender derails. Henry falls asleep waiting for help, but wakes up to be frightened by a ghost. Henry puffs away, but then encounters a skeleton crew, a Very Thin Controller, a vampire, and a ghostly Gordon.

Henry wakes to find he was dreaming, but decides not to tell anyone.



  • The small version of this book does not feature Daisy's scene. The headless green ghost in Henry's nightmare is also missing.
  • It was released with an audio tape of the story in Australia read by Ron Haddrick.


  • Henry's dome is yellow.
  • Henry's bogie and tender wheels are grey.
  • In two illustrations, there is yellow lining around Henry's cab windows, but for the remainder of the book, they disappear.
  • In the fourth illustration, Henry has three stripes on his boiler, instead of four.
  • Henry, Gordon and James' hand rails are yellow.
  • In the second illustration, there is a section near Daisy's coupling hook, that is not coloured in.
  • All of the steam engines are missing their lamp irons and brake pipes.
  • In the final illustration, Thomas, Gordon and James are all missing the chain from their coupling hooks. James' porthole windows are missing and his splasher stripes are yellow as well.
  • In the illustration with the white ghost, the chain from Henry's coupling hook is missing.
  • The ghostly Gordon is missing its dome and its first splasher.
  • On the front and back covers and during the second half of the story, Henry's sand hatch is between the first and second boiler stripes, instead of the second and third.


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