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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the DVD, the Step into Reading book or the Storybook.
"First the rain, then an elephant. Whatever will you be afraid of next?"
— Gordon on Henry's plight

Henry and the Elephant is the nineteenth episode of the fourth season. In the US, it aired in the Mr. Conductor's Thomas Tales episode, Paint the Town Red in 1996.


The big engines are happy to help when a circus comes to Sodor, after Henry tells Gordon and James about his fear of the rain, but after the circus leaves Henry is asked to investigate a blockage in a tunnel. The "blockage" is revealed to be an elephant that escaped from the circus. The workmen give him cake and water and, when Henry unluckily lets off steam, the frightened elephant sprays water onto Henry. Gordon and James feel sorry for Henry, but still tease him, and Thomas tells Henry that he handled the situation rather well.





  • At the beginning of the story, Thomas has Edward's whistle sound.
  • When Thomas arrives at Elsbridge at the beginning, the camera moves slightly to the left.
  • When the workmen look at the elephant in the tunnel, one of them is missing his right eyebrow.
  • James has Duck's whistle sound when he is helping out at the docks and when he takes the circus away.
  • Gordon's buffers are crooked in the scenes at Tidmouth Sheds.
  • When James says "We get no rest!" and when he is turning round on the turntable, his eyes are wonky.
  • The elephant's keeper's mouth is missing.
  • Percy's cab roof has been raised when he is at Tidmouth Sheds.


In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish Henry y el Elefante Henry and the Elephant
Norwegian Henry og elefanten Henry and the Elephant
Japanese トンネルのなかのかいぶつ Monster in the Tunnel
German Henry und der Elefant Henry and the Elephant
Welsh Henri a'r Eliffant Henry and the Elephant
Russian Генри и слон Henry and the Elephant
Ukrainian Генрi i слон Henry and the Elephant
Finnish Henri ja Elefantti Henry and the Elephant
Dutch Henry en de olifant Henry and the Elephant
Hungarian Henry és az Elefánt Henry and the Elephant
Italian Henry e l'elefante Henry and the Elephant
Danish Henry og Elefanten Henry and the Elephant
Slovenian Henrik in Slon Henry and the Elephant
Chinese 亨利和大象 Henry and the Elephant
Czech Jindra a Slon Henry and the Elephant
Romanian Henry şi Elefantul Henry and the Elephant
Slovak Henry a Slon Henry and the Elephant
Swedish Henry och Elefanten Henry and the Elephant
Polish Henio i Słoń Henry and the Elephant
Greek Ο Τσάρλι και ο ελέφαντας Henry and the Elephant
Thai เฮนรี่โดนช้างเล่นงาน Henry Attacked by Elephants
Brazilian Portuguese Henry e o Elefante Henry and the Elephant

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