Henry Goes to the Hospital is a mini book written by Christopher Awdry and illustrated by Ken Stott.


One morning when Henry was waiting at the station he saw a nurse. She was going to work at the hospital as she told Henry's driver. Everyday the nurse was there, and then one morning, she was not there, but they did all they could to wait for her. Eventually, it was time to go and the train left without her.

One day it was a stormy day and the rain fell as Henry travelled slowly down the line. At the station the signal said stop. Henry's driver looked out of the cab to see what was wrong, but they had been held up far too long. A little girl named Amy had hurt her leg and the ambulance was stuck in the mud, so Henry was needed. Henry was delighted to help the girl. She was carried to a coach on a stretcher and the nurse was with her. The nurse was assuring her everything would be all right.

Henry set off when everything was ready. He travelled carefully so that Amy would not hurt her leg again. At the station near the hospital another ambulance met Amy and the nurse to take them to the hospital. The nurse showed Amy an x-ray of her leg. Her ankle was not broken, only sprained. The nurse called her a lucky girl and bandaged Amy's ankle.

Amy wanted to go home on Henry's train. The nurse said to ask her mother. They went to the station to thank Henry and so did The Fat Controller. Henry was proud and The Fat Controller called him a really useful engine.



  • In Australia, it was released with an audio tape or CD of the story read by Ron Haddrick.


  • Henry is drawn in his old shape.
  • All of the engines are missing their brake pipes.
  • On the cover, Henry has his handrails, in the book however, his handrails are missing.


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