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This article is about the 2002 magazine story. You may be looking for the Steam engine, the Railway Series book, the Story Library book, the 1997 magazine story, the 1998 magazine story, the 2000 magazine story or the 2001 magazine story.
"Lord Harry has a ticket...and if your guard is brave enough, perhaps he'd like to check it!"
— Farmer Collett

Henry, retitled Henry's Hairy Passenger in 2007 and then Henry's Scary Passenger! in 2013, is a rhyming magazine story.


Henry is a big, green engine who is never happier than when he's pulling the express. One day, he is told to pull a goods train, which he does not mind - until he sees a wagon with a bull in it!



  • The bull is presumably named after the mountain engine, Lord Harry.


  • As mentioned above, Farmer Collett is incorrectly called Farmer Trotter in the 2013 version.


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