This article is about the 2014 magazine story. You may be looking for the landmark, the episode, the magazine story, the De Agostini magazine story or the book.
“Why are they cutting down trees?"
"Because no one cares about silly trees except you. They aren't useful and just get in the way!”
―Henry and James

Henry's Forest is a magazine story, illustrated using images from the CGI television series.


One evening, James is boasting about his day's work as usual. He tells the others that he had taken lots of people to the forest to cut down trees. Henry gasps; the forest is his favourite place on the island. James says that no-one except Henry cares about silly trees as they just get in the way. Henry is very worried.

The next day, Henry sees the woodsmen chopping down trees in the forest, just like James had said. Henry stops and tells them what James had said about trees being a nuisance. The manager explains that trees make paper and logs for warm fires and are really useful. Henry is concerned that there will not be any trees left, but the manager reassures Henry that for every tree they chop down, they plant a new one.

That night, Henry tells James that trees are useful, after all. Percy is concerned about the animals that live in the trees. He says that it takes a long time for new trees to grow, so the animals will have to find somewhere to live while they wait.

The next morning, Henry tells Percy's concerns to the woodsmen. The manager tells Henry that they are careful as to which trees they cut down. Just then, a little yellow bird flies down and rests on Henry's bufferbeam. The manager gasps. He says that it is a very rare bird called the Sodor Warbler. Henry says that he sees the little yellow birds all the time on this side of the island. The manager jumps into Henry's cab as he needs to see the Mayor.

Henry arrives at the Town Hall and the manager consults with the Mayor. The Mayor tells the manager that they need to protect the area where the rare birds live. The manager still needs some wood from the trees, but Henry knows a place and takes the woodsmen to the other side of the island where very few animals live.

From that day on, the Mayor always talks to Henry before making any decisions about the forest. After all, no-one knows the forest better than Henry.