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Henrietta's Holiday is a magazine story. It was originally published in the 2000. A slightly altered version is later published in 2013 and 2015.


One evening, as Toby and Henrietta collect workmen from the quarry, one of the men tells them that the quarry is closing for two weeks and they are getting time off. Toby assumes that he and Henrietta will be on holiday during that time, too. Both Toby and Henrietta are very excited at the prospect of not carrying passengers for two weeks. The Fat Controller has other plans and sends Henrietta to work with Gordon to help manage the extra passengers during the busy summer period.

The next day, Henrietta is coupled to Gordon's express train. Gordon thunders along and Henrietta, not used to travelling so fast, does not like it.

A few days later, Henrietta is pleased to hear that she will be working with Thomas. Lots of passengers rush to board her first. Clarabel is not happy; Henrietta seems to be more popular than her.

Later on, the Fat Controller ponders who Henrietta can work with next and decides that Gordon, Henry and James are too fast for her. So, he sends her to work with Duck.

Early the next day, Duck comes along to pick up Henrietta and tells her that the busy trains are the first and last ones so he intends to leave her at Tidmouth during the day. So, Henrietta has a lovely day waiting by the seaside. She cannot wait to tell the workmen about her holiday.



  • When re-published in 2015, an exclamation mark was added to the title.


  • Henrietta is much longer than usual.
  • Duck's face is a bit smaller than usual.
  • Duck's whistle is missing.
  • Annie is oddly absent.
  • Henrietta is a darker brown than usual.

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