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"Ol' Wheezy can be wild! And Hee-Haw..."
" just plain crazy!"
"That's right!
Dash, Bash, and Ferdinand, Jumping Jobi Wood!, fourteenth season



Hee-Haw is a steam donkey crane that is stationed on Misty Island.


When Thomas refused to work with Ol' Wheezy, he had Hee-Haw put to use to move the Jobi Wood. The Logging Locos tried to tell Thomas not to use Hee-Haw as he uses a lot of oil, which they need to run.

Later, Hee-Haw had ran out of oil and he bellowed thick black smoke all over Thomas, James and the Fat Controller. Dash's driver had to repair Hee-Haw and refuel him with oil. During winter time, Hee-Haw and Ol' Wheezy were decorated for the Misty Island Christmas party.


Despite not being sentient, Hee-Haw is referred to as a male and according to Bash, Dash and Ferdinand they describe him as "plain crazy".


Hee-Haw is based on Swansboro Land and Lumber Railroad's steam donkey, widely used in logging operations.


Voice Actors


  • Hee-Haw is named after the sound a donkey makes.
  • Hee-Haw is the second non-sentient crane to be named on screen (the first being Ol' Wheezy). However, Hee-Haw can speak in the Japanese narration.
  • Cranes resembling Hee-Haw appeared at Arlesburgh Yard in Sodor's Legend of the Lost Treasure.
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