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Head On is a magazine story.


Bill and Ben are tank engine twins working at the china clay pits that run across from there to the harbour yard. They also like to cause pranks and they are the most mischievous engines as well. Bill and Ben are great friends. They laugh and have fun together but they also have been known to be stubborn as well. One day, the Fat Controller tells Bill and Ben to come to the big yard. There is a lot of trucks to be shunted and he needs their help. Bill and Ben do not mind, as they love to have a change of scenery and a chance to see the other engines. They meet up with BoCo who is not fooled by their trickery. The twins set to work and when the trucks are ready, they have to go around the turntable. They had never been on a turntable before. Bill goes first and thinks it is great fun that he does not want to get off. The signalman stops the turntable and told Bill to get off. He did so but Bill was on the wrong track towards Ben and they were heading towards each other! Luckily the twins stopped, but they became stubborn. None of them wanted to back down and that started an argument. The Fat Controller was cross to see them being silly.




  • In the fifth illustration, Bill and Ben's eyes are not coloured in white.
  • In the sixth illustration, one of the twin's eyebrows are not coloured in.
  • In the eighth illustration, Bill's roof is black.