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The Harwick Branch Line is a branch line that runs from Arlesburgh up to Harwick and back. The branch line is run by Ryan, who handles the goods traffic, and Daisy, who takes passengers.


Duck's Branch Line was originally intended to reach Harwick; however, by the time Arlesburgh was reached in 1916, there was no longer need for further extension and it was dropped. The idea of extending up to Harwick was again brought up in the 1940s, but was again dropped. At some point, it was decided to complete the extension.

When the initial line was being constructed, the ground became unstable. Engineers declared the site unsafe and the track had to be re-routed. Soon after, Thomas had a severe accident, causing the unstable ground to completely give way. This giant opening revealed a long-lost hidden cavern, known as "Calles Cavern".

Later, the construction of the Harwick Branch Line resumed and the new re-routed line was finally finished.

Thomas, James, Duck, Oliver, Donald, Douglas, Stanley, Samson, Ryan and Marion, Toad, Jack, Alfie, Oliver the Excavator, Max and Monty assisted in the building of the Harwick Branch Line.

The Engines

Rolling Stock


* RWS only | ** T&F only | --- Dropped
Harwick Branch Line

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