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“Thank you, Harold. I don't know what I'd have done without you."
"It's all in a day's work.”
―the Injured Climber and Harold[src]

Harold to the Rescue is a short magazine story puzzle.


One day, Harold the Helicopter is flying happily through the clouds on the Island of Sodor. As he approaches some mountains, he sees an injured climber. He has hurt his leg and cannot move. Harold whizzes into action. Harold hovers close to the distressed mountain climber and lowers a harness. Then, carefully, the helpful helicopter lifts the climber to safety.

Presently, Harold lands safely at the airfield where an ambulance is waiting for the climber. The injured man thanks Harold, but the helicopter tells him it's all in a day's work.



  • Readers can colour in the final illustration and complete a dot-to-dot to draw the ambulance.