“Smoke and steam!”

Harold and the Kites is a magazine story.


One breezy morning, Rosie is taking passengers to a kite-flying competition in Wellsworth Park. On the way, she meets Harold who is on his way back to the airfield after finishing his work. When she arrives, Rosie is ahead of schedule, so she rolls into a nearby siding to watch the kites being flown. It is not long before everyone is disappointed when the wind dropped; the competition would have to be cancelled. But Rosie has an idea and races to the airfield. She tells her idea to Harold and the helicopter is soon whirring to Wellsworth Park. The kites are loaded into Harold's cargo net and when they are high in the air he releases them and the wind from Harold's blades keep the kites afloat. Everyone thanks Harold and Rosie for her quick response. Rosie is very proud to have saved the competition.



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