“Instead of flying patrol, I'm enjoying being on floating patrol!”

Harold Afloat is a magazine story.


The stormy weather is making Harold extra busy. First he has to rescue two climbers, then he has to rescue another, and then he has to rescue some stranded sheep. When Harold has finished patrol, he sees Peter Sam and tells him how tired he has been feeling lately. The next day, the sun is shining as Peter Sam passes a busy windsurfing lake. He spots the patrol boat being winched out of the lake. The skipper explains that the boat had struck some driftwood and they do not have a spare. Later, Peter Sam tells the Thin Controller who telephones the airfield. Harold is soon landing in the lake and bobbing up and down in the water by his floats, looking around for anyone in distress. Harold enjoys being on "floating patrol"!



  • Peter Sam's face is undersized in one illustration.
  • Peter Sam is incorrectly portrayed as a standard gauge engine.


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