The Hara Model Railway Museum (Japanese: 原鉄道模型博物館) , or simply the Hara Railway Museum, is a Japanese model railway museum located in Nishi-ku, Yokohama containing some of the models used in the television series.


Rolling Stock

Non-rail Characters


  • Most of the models were previously displayed at Nitrogen Studios and Thomas Town.
  • Donald and Douglas' eye mechanisms were broken when they were shipped to the museum, so as a quick fix, the museum painted eyes for them.
  • One of the sideplates for Edward's tender is missing.
  • The sideplates for Gordon's are missing.
  • Percy's whistle and lens for his headlamp are missing.
  • Harold is currently missing his mouth.
  • The models are displayed from their last use in filming of the twelfth season. This is why some of the engines are smiling, while Gordon, Toby, and Mavis has their worried face mask, and Henry has his sad face mask.


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