This article is about the Australian VHS. You may be looking for the episode or the Philippines DVD.

Happy Ever After is an Australian/New Zealand VHS release. It contains ten episodes from the fifth season.


Join Thomas and his friends for 10 more adventures.


  1. Happy Ever After - Percy creates a special good luck package for Mrs. Kyndley's daughter for her wedding.
  2. Cranky Bugs - The new crane, Cranky, seriously underestimates Thomas and Percy.
  3. Horrid Lorry - The engines are shocked when three lorries are hired to help with the engines' work.
  4. A Better View for Gordon - Gordon's boasting comes to a sudden halt at the opening of a new station.
  5. Lady Hatt's Birthday Party - The Fat Controller has organised a special party for his wife, Lady Hatt.
  6. James and the Trouble with Trees - Thomas is sick of James boasting, however he forgets all that quickly when he has to save James from a fallen tree.
  7. Baa! - Percy is excited about the best dressed station competition on the Island.
  8. Put Upon Percy - Percy gets put upon at the mine when the tracks career out of control and into disaster.
  9. Toby and the Flood - Toby gets trapped inspecting the dam above the village which is in danger of flooding.
  10. Double Teething Troubles - Bill and Ben are worried when they hear that a new diesel is going to help them work in the Quarry.


  • This was the last original VHS volume in New Zealand. The following releases were part of the Bumper Video Collection and the Thomas Train Set Compilation Video series from The Warehouse.