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This article is about the 2011 magazine story. You may be looking for the 1997, 2005 magazine story or the rhyming magazine story.
"Hurray! This will be the best birthday party ever!"
— Sally

Happy Ending, republised as Clowning Around in 2011, is a magazine story.


A circus had arrived on Sodor and Thomas was taking excited children, including Bridget and Stephen, to the show. The circus was a huge success, but Thomas noticed that the children were sad afterwards. They explained that the circus was leaving soon. The next day, Stephen and Bridget were heading to a children's party. Thomas hadn't brought the children far when he had to stop for a car that had broken down on a level crossing. Thomas' crew helped to push the car aside, but the man was worried; he had an urgent appointment to get to! Thomas and his crew agreed to take him.

At the next station Stephen and Bridget were met by their friend, Sally. She tells Stephen and Bridget that her mother has booked a clown who hasn't arrived. Then the man whose car had broken down stepped onto the platform. He looked very different now - he was Smiley the Clown!



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