"No, no, no! Not moo. MOVE!”
―Thomas and a cow

Happy Birthday, Thomas! is a book.


It is Thomas' birthday and he cannot stop thinking about presents, balloons, and silly hats. But Sir Topham Hatt says that he has to run his branch line. Later on Thomas sees Henry, Gordon and James in the shed. "They don't look busy to me", he says to himself. At the end of the day Thomas is making his last journey home but a cow blocks the line. He goes back to the sheds, and Sir Topham Hatt opens the door. All the workmen, Henry, Gordon and James are there, as well as balloons, silly hats and presents.




  • In one illustration, Annie's nose is coloured grey.
  • Annie and Clarabel's bufferbeams are grey when they should be black.

Other Languages

Language Title
Spanish ¡Feliz Cumpleaños Tomás!