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"Hannah's my sister. Hasty Hannah we used to call her. She was always too fast for her wheels!"

Hannah is a vintage passenger coach and Henrietta's sister.


Thomas & Friends

Hannah was brought to the Island of Sodor to work with Toby while Henrietta's upholstery was being refurbished at the Steamworks. However, much to Toby's displeasure, Hannah turned out to be boisterious and headstrong, and ordered him to go faster than his usual speed. Hannah made Toby soar down the line and pushed him down Gordon's Hill, nearly making him derail. At last, Toby became fed-up with Hannah and abandoned her on a siding beside the main line.

Toby later returned to the siding to fetch Hannah, but when he came back, he found her soaring down the line behind James. Hannah was excited and ordered James to go faster, but she went so fast that the high speeds began tearing her apart. Hannah broke away from James and crashed into a siding, the impact damaging her. Hannah was then sent to the Steamworks to be mended, where she was reunited with Henrietta and revealed to Toby that they were sisters. Soon after, Toby began working with Henrietta once again.[1]


Hannah is rowdy and excitable, loving to fly down the line at high speeds. However, after tagging along with James and nearly being torn apart, Hannah learned her lesson about going too fast, but her impatience failed to subside. Because of how she likes to get things done fast, her sister often calls her "Hasty Hannah".

Technical Details


Hannah is based on a Wisbech and Upwell Railway four-wheeled passenger carriage. Henrietta shares her basis.


Hannah is painted yellow orange with red bufferbeams and black handrails.


Voice Actors


  • Hannah's model is just a modified version of Henrietta with the only changes being her body work is painted yellow orange and she has an added tail-lamp on either side, which Henrietta does not have.


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