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H is for Harold, sometimes known as Harold or Harold's Song, is a song from the tenth season dedicated to Harold. This is the second song dedicated to him, the first being Harold the Helicopter.



'F' is for friendship, and flying and free.
'G' is for good, as good friends ought to be.
What's after 'G' and then comes before 'I'?
'H' is for Harold, way up in the sky.

First verse:

Let's sing about Harold, our friend in the air.
Up in the clouds, he can see everywhere.
Patrolling the Island, an eye in the sky.
A friend to all engines, and so that is why.


Second verse:

He's daring and brave and determined to show
How he can help when there's blankets of snow.
If engines get lost in the dead of the night,
Harold can hover while shining his light.



He hovers over water as well as the land.
When Sir Topham Hatt needs him, he's waiting on hand.




Learning Segments

Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • Don't Tell Thomas - A deleted scene of Harold flies over Thomas and Percy at Maithwaite.
  • Calling All Engines! - A deleted close-up of Thomas at the coaling plant.


  • The entire three-minute music video had only been released in Japan, but recently, the Full version was released in the All Star Tracks CD in 2011.
  • This song marks Terence's first appearance since the seventh season.

Home Video Releases





In Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハロルドのうた Song for Harold
Spanish H de Harold H is from Harold

Music Video

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