Grandfather Hatt

Grandfather Hatt is the grandfather to Sir Topham Hatt (who was known as "Little Topham Hatt") and father to Dowager Hatt. He is presumably the original manager of the North Western Railway.


One day, both he and his grandson were out on a carriage ride through the countryside, but Grandfather Hatt noticed a rut on the road and the carriage's wheel broke off, leaving the horse running away in the distance.

They later passed Stepney who was pulling coal trucks. and despite the load, decided to hitch a ride on the trucks back home. They were covered in coal dust, but they didn't mind it, and later took their photograph!


Similar to his grandson, Grandfather Hatt is a short, stout gentleman. He is dressed in a black morning suit with grey trousers, a red waistcoat, a black tie and a top hat. He is also seen with a white moustache.




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