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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the book.
"Steaming pistons! Who's that?"
— Gordon
Gordon and Spencer

David Mitton


Phil Fehrle


Lee Pressman


Michael Angelis (UK/US)
Michael Brandon (US)

Air date

December 19th, 2003

Previous episode

Best Dressed Engine

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Hasty Puddings
Not So
Hasty Cakes
Thomas and
the Avalanche

Gordon and Spencer is the twenty-third episode of the seventh season.


Gordon is gloating about taking the Duke and Duchess of Boxford to a special reception at Maron, but on the way, he is diverted to let a sleek silver engine pass. Gordon later discovers the engine, Spencer, will be taking the Duke and Duchess and advises him to take on water, but Spencer ignores him and as a result runs out of steam on Gordon's Hill. Gordon goes to the rescue and at Maron is lauded by the Fat Controller.





  • Spencer speeds up upon starting off, but steam engines start off slowly.
  • Spencer crosses a bridge with a stream underneath, but that line has the broken points that weren't mended until after the events of Something Fishy, which was produced after this episode.
  • Due to the use of stock footage, when Gordon whistles after being coupled to Spencer, the whistle shown is Edward's.
  • Spencer runs out of water, but still blows steam and for a few seconds, his driving wheels are moving faster than he is.
  • Spencer's driver should have made him stop for water.
  • When Gordon and Thomas are at the station, Gordon is on a branchline when he is taking express. He should be on the express line instead.


  • Gordon: Don't forget the water!
  • Spencer: Who cares?
  • Thomas: He'll be in trouble soon.
  • Thomas: What do you think of Spencer now?
  • James: Too much puff and not enough steam!



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