“Have you forgotten the times I have taken the express?"
"Oh, you may have pulled it once, but the Fat Controller wouldn't ask you again.”
―James and Gordon

Gordon's Express is a magazine story. The second part of this story is titled In a Sulk.


One morning, Gordon is boasting about being the only engine able to pull the express. James is sure that any decent-sized engine can manage the important train and even reminds pompous Gordon that he himself has pulled the train. Gordon is sure that the Fat Controller only ordered James to pull the express as a one-off. He then teases that James will probably be hauling trucks today. As Gordon predicted, James is told to pull trucks that day and he does not like the job one bit. To make matters worse, James even has to shunt them out himself.

James is already in a bad mood as Gordon passes by, teasing him. James is fuming and he bumps his trucks roughly. Gordon is waiting for the points to change as James backs down, unaware that the big engine is waiting. James' trucks collide with Gordon. It is not a hard bump, but Gordon is still cross; he is sure that James hit him on purpose. James protests his innocence, but Gordon tells the Fat Controller that James had bumped him deliberately. The Fat Controller is not bothered with trivial matters; there are passengers waiting for the express. Gordon tries to move, but he cannot; the bump had jammed his brakes. The Fat Controller orders that Gordon have his brakes fixed immediately. He then tells James to take the express. James is delighted, but Gordon is furious.