Good Morning Engines is a "play-a-sounds" book.


Thomas and Percy are trying to sleep, but James will not stop boasting about being chosen to take passengers to a royal parade in town. Next morning, Thomas has to deliver the passengers to James at the junction. When Thomas gets to the station, James is not there. He had spent so long boasting about his important job, he has overslept. Thomas waits, but James does not arrive.

Thomas has an idea and calls to Percy, who is working at the station. He tells Percy to take half of the passengers to their stops and into town whilst he takes the other half. The two engines deliver the passengers just in time for the royal parade.

That night, Sir Topham Hatt gives James a stern talking to and an alarm clock. He then praises Thomas and Percy and calls them "really useful engines".



  • In the third illustration, Percy has a green coal bunker and is missing his number.


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