“Bump my b-buffers!”

Going First is a magazine story.


Mighty Mac is taking tourists up and down the line to a new visitor's centre. Mac starts complaining about always going backwards, so the Thin Controller advises that they take turns going first. Mac gets his chance, but on the way to the Transfer Yards, they run into trouble when a ferocious-looking bull named Hector is blocking the line. Soon, Farmer McColl leads the bull back into its wagon and Mac admits that, after that scare, he does not mind going backwards from now on.



  • In the images, Mighty and Mac are mixed up. This is most noticeable in the second image when Mighty is the one facing the bull and not Mac.
  • In the original version, BoCo's name is spelt "Boco". This is corrected in the 2011 re-release.
  • Mighty Mac and BoCo look to be the same gauge.
  • Farmer McColl calls BoCo's truck a livestock wagon.


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