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Go Go Thomas is a 3D game application developed by Budge Studios, available to download for free on iTunes and the Google Play store (Formerly Android Market). It also offers In-App purchases.


Budge Studios™ presents Thomas & Friends: Go Go Thomas! - a fun speed game for kids. Race against other engines or select two trains to race against a friend! Use speed boosters to help you race your fastest, and complete your trophy for a special special delivery. Full steam ahead!


  • Race as Thomas, Percy, James, Emily or Toby against other engines
  • Play in either “1 Player” or “2 Player” mode to challenge a friend!
  • Tap the green button as fast as you can to get going
  • Use speed boosters to puff even faster – a unique one for each engine!
  • Speed through different 3-D settings, from the Countryside to the Castle!
  • Unlock a new trophy piece with each win
  • Slide all of the pieces together to complete your trophy and get the special


  • Thomas’ Speed Boost: Accelerate your speed
  • Percy’s Track Jump Booster: Jump in the air and land further ahead
  • James’ Turbo Boost: Boost faster than any of the other engines
  • Toby’s Lightning Burst Booster: The flashiest of them all
  • Emily’s Steam Boost: Boost further along her track

Game levels


  • Thomas (Speed Boost, free)
  • Percy (Track Jump, in-app purchase)
  • James (Turbo Boost, in-app purchase)
  • Toby (Lightning Burst, in-app purchase)
  • Emily (Steam Boost, in-app purchase)
  • Diesel (Power Shift, non-playable)
  • Henry (on picture only)
  • Gordon (on picture only)
  • Edward (on picture only)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (voice-over)


  • Toby has his original bell sound.
  • Diesel's Power Shift allows him to use the other engines' speed boosters to overtake them. This explains why he incorrectly uses Thomas', Emily's, James' and Percy's whistles and Toby's bell.


  • Emily has Henry's whistle sound.
  • James' wheels are red.
  • Each engine's wheels and pistons do not move.
  • The middle of each engine's wheels are white.
  • James' and Emily's tenders are actually bigger than them.
  • James is missing his whistle.