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This article is about the 2005 magazine story. You may be looking for the other magazine story.
"Your stories are just pie in the sky, Percy."
— Thomas

Glider Rider is a magazine story puzzle.


One day, the engines decide to play a game where they look out for things in the sky. As Percy waits at a signal, he spies an odd shape gliding silently and thinks it is a big kite. Percy races back to the main station to tell the others, but they don't believe little Percy.

The next day, Percy sees the object again. This time it is closer and Percy can see a man hanging underneath. The driver tells him it's a hang-glider that's coming into land. Sure enough the hang-glider dips close to the track and a gust of wind sweeps the glider into a shallow pond. Percy stops and his crew help the man out of the water.

That night, Percy tells the other engines about his adventure, but they still won't believe him.

Next morning, the man with the hang-glider telephones the Fat Controller to tell him about a special event. The event is a hang-gliding display. The sky is full of silent gliders. Percy has a pair of flags given to him by the Sodor Hang-gliding Club tied to his buffers. Percy asks Thomas if he believes him now. Thomas does and tells Percy he's flying something too.



  • This story is an altered version an earlier story of the same name. This version is shorter, incorporates puzzles into the story and has different illustrations.
  • In the final illustration, viewers are invited to join the dots to make Percy's flag and colour in the picture.


  • Some of James' boiler bands are missing.


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