Ghost Train and other stories/Time for Trouble and other stories is a UK video featuring two previously released videos on one bumper tape.


  1. The Deputation
  2. Thomas Comes to Breakfast
  3. Daisy
  4. Percy's Predicament
  5. The Diseasel
  6. Wrong Road
  7. Edward's Exploit
  8. Ghost Train
  9. Woolly Bear
  10. Thomas and the Missing Christmas Tree
  11. A Scarf for Percy
  12. Percy's Promise
  13. Time for Trouble
  14. Gordon and the Famous Visitor
  15. Donald's Duck
  16. Thomas Gets Bumped
  17. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
  18. Diesel Does it Again


  • The alternate cover features an image from The Runaway, but that episode is not on this release. Both covers feature an image from Duck Takes Charge, but that episode is not featured either.


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