Galloping Sausage is a 1991 annual story.


Henry and James think that Duck has given them rude nicknames and are cross with him. Duck feels sad and spends the night in the sidings. After talking with the trucks again and seeing Gordon's mishap with a water tower, Diesel sees his chance and gives Gordon his own nickname. Soon afterwards, the big engines turn against Duck and the Fat Controller sends him to help Edward on his branch line. Diesel is soon found out and is sent away in disgrace. Duck comes back to the sheds and all of the engines are friends again.




  • In the first illustration, Duck's face is undersized. Also, James' wheels are grey.
  • The text near the second illustration misspells Lemberg's name as 'Lemburg'.
  • In the third illustration, Gordon has a 4-6-4 wheel arrangement.
  • In the last illustration, there are five berths at Tidmouth Sheds when there should have been six at the time.