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"Well done, Henry. Perhaps it's useful to be able to stick when you need to, after all."
— James conceding to Henry

Gale Warning is a 1985 annual story, illustrated using images from the Television series.


A strong gale is sweeping across the island, blowing some slates off the Fat Controller's roof. Later, Henry is taking a stopping train. His first stop is at the station before the viaduct. Luckily, when crossing the viaduct, the wind temporarily drops and Henry manages to cross safely. The next station is in an exposed place too, but Henry is so pleased at crossing the viaduct safely that he forgets. As he rattles through the next station, he sees a tree being uprooted by the gale and then falling onto the tracks. Henry applies his brakes and shuts his eyes tight. He opens them and finds he has stopped six inches from the tree. He pushes the train back to the station, and all the passengers congratulate Henry.




  • In the last picture, several passengers have blu-tack on their shoes.
  • Henry is shown in his old shape at one point.


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