Fun with Words was the sequel to the Thomas the Tank Engine game for the Commodore 64 system. It is not as well known as its predecessor.


There are six games that focus on letters and words. These games are:

  • Spell Picture - Using the picture clue provided, spell the three letter words from a selection of letters in the box below.
  • What's Wrong - Each three letter word for the picture clues provided is misspelt by one letter and requires correcting by selecting the wrong letter and replacing it with the correct letter from the box below.
  • Mix and Match - There is a table of three columns with letters where one letter from each column has to be selected to make a three letter word, based on the picture clues on-screen each time.
  • Letters Fun - This game requires selecting the right vowels for the three letter words, using the picture clues and the other two letters already in the words provided on-screen. Thomas is moved horizontally in front of some sheds to select the letters.
  • Lively Letters - Thomas pulls a letter over to complete a three letter word. The player then has to decide whether the word is spelt correctly or not by selecting yes or no, while using the provided picture clues to decide.
  • Letter Shapes - Thomas pulls a letter over each time where the player then has to match it up to a list of letters above or move it over to the side to reject it if there are no matches.



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