This article is about 'the Bubble Game'. You may be looking for 'the US DVD box set, the German DVD or the book'.

Full Speed Ahead! is an interactive DVD game designed for the Bubble Interactive DVD Console Software designed by Bright Things Software in 2005.


In this game, you will find engines making dangerous journeys in stormy weather, getting lost and running into trouble, but always working together to make things right again. It is about teamwork, cooperation, and being a Really Useful Engine.

Game Levels

  • Tour Sodor - Explore this fascinating world and meet the amazing characters who inhabit it.
  • Snow Delivery - Choose the best path for the engine's journey through the wintry landscape.
  • Gordon's Hill Climb - Check your knowledge of Thomas and his friends. Help Thomas make it to the top of Gordon's Hill.
  • Engine Rescue - Help to rescue your favourite engines.
  • Engine Disguise - Some of the engines are in the workshop and need some help to give them a fresh coat of paint.
  • What Number Am I? - Can you remember the number on Gordon, Thomas, or James? Take a guess before the answers are revealed.
  • Away Play Feature - Fun games to play with Thomas and Friends on Bubble when you are out and about or away from the DVD player.