“I haven't enough chips!”
―the Fried Fish Man[src]

Frying Tonight is a magazine story.


Terence is taking boxes of potatoes to the barn when he passes a van selling fish and chips. The farmer goes to buy some and the man serving tells him business has been slow that day. Just then, Terence sees Edward steam into a cutting below the road. Suddenly, Terence's brakes slip and he rolls into a tree. Boxes of potatoes tumble off his cart and onto the track below. The farmer apologises and Edward's crew kindly help pick up the potatoes.

While Edward's passengers wait for the potatoes to be picked up, they smell the delicious fish and chips. Everyone wants to buy some. The fried fish man is concerned because he doesn't have enough chips. Terence tells the farmer who kindly gives him some potatoes. Everyone enjoys their fish and chip supper and the fried fish man is happy; he's completely run out of fish and chips.