For the Story of Determination is a Korean DVD featuring three episodes from the first season, five episodes from the second season, four episodes from the third season and four episodes from the fourth season.


  1. Thomas and the Train Structure
  2. Newly Transformed Henry
  3. Thomas' Christmas Party
  4. James Obtained Edward
  5. Percy and Harold's Race
  6. Thanks Again to Return to the Home
  7. The Ghost Train
  8. Christmas Party
  9. Thomas, Percy and the Dragon
  10. Thomas' Great Day
  11. Great Western Locomotive
  12. The Heroes, Bill and Ben
  13. Duke's Victory
  14. Peter Sam's New Chimney
  15. Bulls Eye
  16. A Plurality of Oliver



  • The front cover uses a picture from A Friend in Need, but that episode is not featured on this release.

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