“I'm not going to make two trips. I can pull ten express coaches at once!”

Football Fun! is a magazine story.


The Fat Controller tells Gordon that there is to be a football match on the other side of the island and he is to take the teams and their supporters. He warns Gordon not to take more than five coaches at a time. Thomas feels sad; he wants an important job like Gordon's.

When the teams arrive, Gordon starts showing off and decides that he does not want to make two trips. He is sure he can pull ten coaches at once and sets off with them. At first, Gordon manages fine, but when he reaches the hill, he hears a strange spluttering noise. He soon slows to a stop and realises that he has run out of steam. Luckily, Thomas is passing and offers to help. Slowly, Thomas pushes the heavy train all the way to the football match. The teams and their supporters all cheer for Thomas, leaving Gordon rather embarrassed.



  • Thomas would not have been able to push Gordon and ten express coaches up the hill and all the way to the football match.

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