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“Thomas, you left a trail of flour all over the Wharf!”

Follow that Flour is the first episode of the tenth season.


One day, Thomas is in a grumpy mood as he has been shutting Troublesome Trucks and has been using all his puff to keep them in order. James arrives and told Thomas that the Fat Controller gave him the job to collect the flour to make the cakes and bread for the children's harvest festival and asks Thomas to shunt the truck of flour for him. Thomas is jealous that he did not get the job and mumbles that James is a bossy boiler.

Thomas wants to finish the job quickly, but without taking any care, he hits the truck so hard that the door on the right side opens and leaks flour, but Thomas does not know. Thomas has an idea to hide James' truck so James will have to find him and the truck himself. After Thomas leaves, James who had came back from taking on water notices the flour falling out of his truck that Thomas had and tries to tell Thomas, but he is too far to hear him, so James goes after Thomas. Every time Thomas finds a hiding place, he is surprised that James knew where he was and continues trying to hide the truck. James finally catches up to Thomas and is furious when he tells Thomas that he left a trail of flour all over the Wharf. Thomas is upset after realising his actions and goes to the flour mill to get a new truck of flour.

But when Thomas arrives at the flour mill, it is closed. Dusty Dave who is leaving tells Thomas there is one truck filled with flour. Thomas knows he cannot move all the empty trucks by himself and goes back to the Wharf. Thomas tells James he is sorry for not listening and the two friends make up as they arrive at the flour mill shunting all the empty trucks out of the way for James to collect the flour truck. That evening, the flour is made into delicious cakes and bread for the festival and Thomas cheers for James as he heads home to the sheds.




  • This episode marks the first of a few things:
  • The large scale open wagons have the faces of regular scale vans.
  • A rare photo shows a deleted scene of Thomas pushing the flour truck instead of pulling it.


  • When Thomas leaves the Intersection, his steam platform is visible.
  • James' steam platform is also visible when he pulls up next to Thomas at the start of the episode.
  • When Thomas finds the first flour truck, his steam platform is visible.


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