“Talking of logs, when I get to the shed tonight, I think I'll sleep like a log!”

Fly Along, Fergus! is a magazine story.


Fergus is fed up. Emily is taking visitors to an open day at the sawmill whilst he is stuck at the Cement Works shunting trucks. Fergus has an idea; if he works very fast, maybe there will be time to visit the sawmill. Meanwhile, at the sawmill, Emily arrives with her passengers who get to see a log-chopping competition. Fergus arrives just in time to see one man win a prize. Then Henry arrives with his log truck full of tree trunks. The visitors then get to see the trunks get cut up using a mechanical saw. Then the saw breaks. No one knows what to do, but the manager is sure Fergus can help. Soon the visitors watch a drive belt being fixed to Fergus' flywheel which powers the saw. The manager is very grateful and tells a very tired Fergus that he is a chopping champion too.



  • In the second illustration, part of Henry's front is coloured red.