"Talking of logs, when I get to the shed tonight, I think I'll sleep like a log!"
— Fergus

Fly Along, Fergus! is a magazine story.


Fergus is fed up. Emily is taking visitors to an open day at the sawmill whilst he's stuck at the Cement Works shunting trucks. Fergus has an idea; if he works very fast, maybe there'll be time to visit the sawmill. Meanwhile, at the sawmill, Emily arrives with her passengers who get to see a log-chopping competition. Fergus arrives just in time to see one man win a prize. Then Henry arrives with his log car full of tree trunks. The visitors then get to see the trunks get cut up using a mechanical saw. Then the saw breaks! No one knows what to do, but the manager is sure Fergus can help. Soon the visitors watch a drive belt being fixed to Fergus' flywheel which powers the saw. The manager is very grateful and tells a very tired Fergus that he's a chopping champion too!



  • In the second illustration, part of Henry's front is coloured red.


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