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“Flash! Bang! Wallop! Bye, Percy!”

Flash! Bang! Wallop! is a Thomas Story Time book.


It is an exciting day on Sodor; a photographer is coming to take pictures for a book about the railway. Thomas boasts that he will be in the most photographs as he is the number one tank engine.

Thomas is on his way to Farmer Trotter's Pig Farm when he spots Percy and the Photographer. Thomas pumps his pistons harder in an attempt to get into Percy's photograph. Thomas succeeds and races away. Percy is so surprised that he clatters into a siding and ends up in a heap of coal. Thomas hurries to the farm, hoping to catch up with the Photographer again as soon as possible.

At the farm, the Photographer was taking a photo of James. Thomas races up to James just as the Photographer's camera flashes. James is so shocked that his wheels bounce right of the tracks, but Thomas has already sped on.

Later that day, Thomas spots the Photographer on the bridge about to take a photograph of Henry. Thomas races by with a big puff of smoke which makes the Photographer drop his camera. The Fat Controller steps down from Henry's cab and is very cross when he sees the broken camera. Thomas is sorry and says that he wanted to be in all of the photographs. Luckily, the Photographer has another camera at the Docks and Thomas races to fetch it.

Thomas picks up the camera and, on his way back to the Photographer, he passes Percy and James. Thomas explains that he has to take the camera to the Photographer and then he will come back to help his two friends. The Photographer is delighted to have his spare camera and offers to take Thomas' picture. Thomas declines the offer and says that he needs to help his friends. Soon Thomas and Rocky have rescued James and Percy. Thomas does not see the Photographer for the rest of the day but he does not mind; he is helping his friends.

A few weeks later, the Photographer comes back to Sodor to show everyone the finished book. Thomas looks at the cover of the book and gasps - there is a picture of Rocky and Thomas rescuing Percy from the coal pile. Thomas admits that a photo of him and Percy is the best photo of all.