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“I hope you've had the time of your life!"
"I've had the scare of my life!”
―Gordon and Henrietta

First-class Carriage is a magazine story.


One day, Toby has left the quiet quarry line where he usually works to visit the Main Station with Henrietta. As they trundle along, Gordon speeds past with the express. He is pulling a line of first-class Pullman coaches. Henrietta thinks it must be splendid to be an express coach! Soon Toby catches up with Gordon, who is waiting at a signal. He tells the big blue engine what Henrietta had said. Gordon tells Toby that he might pull her along sometime as a treat.

When Toby and Henrietta arrive at the yard, Gordon is waiting to take the midday express. Unfortunately, one coach has to be uncoupled for repairs and there are no other spare carriages. Gordon suggests that he could take Henrietta; the Fat Controller and Toby agree. Henrietta is delighted as she is coupled up to the express. A lot of passengers are excited at the thought of travelling in an old coach too. By the time the last passenger has gone, Henrietta begins to feel dizzy travelling at Gordon's speed. On the way home, her coupling breaks and Gordon arrives back at the Yard without her, much to Toby's concern. The Fat Controller sees the broken coupling and sends Toby back up the express line to fetch his faithful coach. Henrietta doesn't want to be an express coach any more!



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