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The fireman helps maintain the steam engine, and, along with the driver, keeps the engine in control and provides a voice of reason when an engine is being difficult.

If the driver is sick the fireman takes over and drives the engines.

While the engine is moving, they shovel coal into the fire and keep the water level where it needs to be, and fill up an engine's water tanks or tender. After a day's work is over, they clean out the ash from the firebox. They also couple the engine if a shunter isn't around.


A North Western Railway fireman's uniform consists of blue trousers, a black tie, a white shirt with a blue jacket over it, and a blue cap.

Voice Actors

Thomas' fireman:

Edward's fireman:

Henry's fireman:

Gordon's fireman:

James' fireman:

Percy's fireman:

Toby's fireman:

Duck's fireman:

Douglas' fireman:

Oliver's fireman:

Stepney's fireman:

Murdoch's fireman:

Stephen's fireman:

Sir Handel's fireman:

Peter Sam's fireman:

Duke's fireman:


  • From the eighth to sixteenth seasons of Thomas and Friends, drivers and firemen act almost purely as background characters and are very rarely acknowledged, but from the seventeenth season onwards, they have been seen more often and have worked more realistically.
  • To date, two firemen have been named: Sidney Hever, Edward's fireman and Ted, Henry's fireman.
  • As with the Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway, the engines of the Arlesdale Railway do not have firemen, as the drivers are capable of handling the duties that they do with the larger gauge engines since their cabs are so small.



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