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Fire Engines
  • Class: Dennis F8 fire engines
  • Drivetrain: Front-wheel drive
“I'd hate to be red like James, people would think I was a fire engine!”

The Sodor Fire Brigade owns several identical fire engines. They can be found at the Wellsworth Fire Station, and first appeared in the 1989 magazine story, Fire.


In the Railway Series, they first appeared in the Henry the Green Engine. When Gordon jammed his whistle, the fire brigade thought it was an emergency alarm. So they stood on duty with five fire engines.

In the television series, they first appeared in the fifth season and made several cameos until The Great Discovery. Throughout the sixth season and seventh season, they were commonly seen at Dryaw. From the ninth to twelfth seasons, one of them was used as a crash tender at the Sodor Airport.

Since Belle and Flynn's arrival, the fire engines have been rarely seen. However, one of the signs on the Sodor Search and Rescue Centre Building features a depiction resembling the same design as a Fire Engine and an Ambulance.


The fire engines resemble the Dennis F8 fire engines.



  • Angus and Flynn are the only known fire engines to have faces.


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