“When it comes to fires, my fireman's the best!”

Finest Fireman is a magazine story.


One chilly morning, Thomas wakes up feeling cold just as his driver and fireman arrive. The fireman promises to warm Thomas up and starts to make his fire. In no time, Thomas' fire is skilfully built up. Thomas is very grateful to be feeling warm again.

The next morning, a different fireman arrives to light Thomas' fire. It takes him much longer than the usual fireman. At last, Thomas is ready and he rolls up to the station platform. Thomas is surprised to see his usual fireman standing on the platform. Today his fireman is a passenger heading to Wellsworth on Thomas' train. Suddenly, smoke starts billowing from the waiting room. Then the porter comes out coughing. He explains that the Fat Controller had asked him to light the waiting room fire, but the coal had gotten wet overnight and will not light. Thomas' usual fireman takes off his jacket and heads over to the waiting room fire. Soon the fire is burning brightly. The porter is amazed, but Thomas is not; he knows his fireman is the finest fireman on the island.



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